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 Do none paying renters loose their credibility with a judge and/or landlords?

 Yes, I believe they do from my personal experience in property management of 8 years and personal evictions that I have filled.

 People that do not pay their landlord do lose their credibility with the judge and their landlord. Especially if the law suite or eviction goes to court and the renter has not placed any money into the court registry, which when placed in the registry shows the landlord and judge that they really would like to keep their home and work some type of arrangement out.

 Most residents on eviction usually do not deposit anything, and that is exactly when they have completely lost their credibility. The judge and landlord set their mind that this person is not serious and needs to be evicted ASAP.

 Most none paying renters usually are very irresponsible in my opinion, especially if they have children. Housing should be paid before anything else, to avoid legal action towards the renter.

 An eviction takes about 3 months in Miami-Dade, and 6 weeks in Broward.

 Most private owners do not send their evicted residents to collections, nor file lawsuits against them, which I highly encourage, no un-justification, should be un-seen. 

If you need further help in filling a person lawsuit contact your local court house, it is very easy.