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As I always tell everyone. “Always think before you speak.” I went through a pretty odd situation over the weekend in regards to people speaking, before they actually think of the listeners’ feelings and output their words could have towards the listener.

This is how it went, there was a very devastating situation going on Saturday, my best friends mothers church ceremony. Her mother passed away, due to unforeseen health issues, which is very devastating; not to mention the doctor refused to sign her certificate of death, he states “I will not sign, because I do not know what the cause of death was.”

The Perez Family believes that the death of their mother was a mal-practice. Blood work was conducted, vitals were tested, she was fine and these tests were done in the beginning of last week, and she passed away last week Thursday, mind you she was only 74 years old. Deepest sympathy goes out to the Perez Family, as the United States guarantees us all, if something has been done wrongfully or incorrectly, “Justice Will Always Prevail.”

RIP Mother, Grandmother, Aunt, Sister, Wife—Miss Perez. You will be missed by many……

Despite the fact of a death recently happening March 4, 2010, I thought to myself, I really need to fix issues that are pending, life is too short to have issues, for instance, I need to see my aunt and her children before they leave, I also thought how James should fix his pending issues, I was thinking about so many things and still am, I also thought my son should spend time with his grandmother, my mother.

Life is very short, we should always forgive, and forget, we should be the best that we can, and we should be nice, happy and always speak the truth…..

“Do not take things for granted, as tomorrow is not guaranteed.”

I took my son, to my mother so that she could spend time with him; mind you I have so much on my plate, no need to elaborate on that, but so many things.

I really believe that everyone should think before they speak. If you are not sure what to say, hang up, call them back, blow off some steam, but do not, say things that are selfish and that are un-needed.

I do not surround myself with any negativity, I try to keep James and Nicholas away from anything that is negative, I do not do anything what-so-ever that could hurt anyone, besides speaking my feelings and the truth, but I keep in mind, if I am going to hurt someone, and it is un-necessary why would I add issues, dilemmas, unneeded drama to me or my family’s life? Not needed.

I will always forgive people who do harm to me, I have always, I will, but I always remember the actions that they have done.

Death is devastating, laziness, is not accepted, if you cannot get something done, there is always someone that is willing to help out, or get the job done.

Kenneth Sanchez 3/7/10