Health Care Reform

Posted: March 23, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Very excited about the new “Health Care Reform.” I am very proud of our contrys progress. I see a lot of progress, Obama is doing a great job.

  1. Babby says:

    I too am happy to have health care reform. I have been sad for a long time that my children who had excellent health care growing up is not allowed any health care as an adult. She is a mother of four that has state insurance for her children. But she only gets care if she is pregnant. Not Fair! My cousin died from cervical cancer last year because she had no insurance that helped her be treated early on diagnosis. She left two beautiful daughters and a sad husband. It is not fair, that she should die because they did not have health insurance. I think this, in the long run, will come together and it will be great. We have finally made the first major step in getting the signatures that will take the cause to the next level. Time will balance all of the chaos out, and a new topic will take front page and this will be a long lost memory.

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