United States Health Care

Posted: February 24, 2010 in Medical
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As I have been sick for the past three days, I wonder and contemplate my god, how does someone get sick without insurance.

When I call a doctor the first thing their representatives ask, are “what insurance provider do you have?” Horrible but true.

The medical industry is nothing but a money making machine.  For instance, we pay a co-pay of $40.00, our doctor bills our insurance, $400.00 for a checkup; they get paid $170.00 which is high, but more realistic.

Not to mention, our medications, which we have to go to another location, to retrieve them, repay our copayment, and we drive away from the “CVS, WALGREENS, ETC,” they are nicely billing our insurance companies, in which we pay them on a monthly basis.

The medical system in the United States needs serious repair. Very sad, if it was a mother with an income of $35,000.00, and five kids, she most likely would not qualify for medical assistance. Very devastating, a country that is so sophisticated, technology advanced, with such a delayed medical system.

  1. ada says:

    I totally agree with your opinion. Most recently, as a mother of 5 myself, making under that very income, I too have encountered issues with my health care comp. It seems that what matters to them is not the individual,but instead the individuals money they can access. Services rendered are mediocre, in most cases. It seems that if you can pay…even a little – you are charged far more. Yet, there are those who do infact take advantage of the system. These people are able to have services (medical procedures) amounting to the hundreds of thousands in some cases — for little to NO money. I once looked down on people who took advantage of the system. And, although, I personally would find it very difficult to do so, I have come to understand “why” some people do it. How does their attitude differ from that of the United States Health Care?….

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